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Too Light Yet Greasy – Kim’s Oriental Food

on September 19, 2012

ImageSeptember 17, 2012
Kim’s Oriental Food, Philadelphia PA
Vegetable Soup
Mixed Veg. w. Garlic Sauce

I was going to go and get dinner from Koja since I was feeling like some Korean stir-fry. However, it was late and they were completely sold out. Luckily, Kim’s Oriental Food was still up and operating, with quite a line at such a late hour. The lady, I assume her name is Kim, was very friendly and smiling. The other students buying food seems to be regular customers and that got my hopes up. However, my first visit did not live up to expectations.

I got Vegetable Soup, which is not on their menu. Since they did not have hot and sour soup any more, I asked for Vegetable Bean Curd Soup (or tofu, rather). However, the person after me asked for plain vegetable soup, so I assume she might have gotten the orders wrong. There was no tofu at all in my bowl and I was a little disappointed. However, the broth was savoury and flavourful – MSG I am guessing – and the vegetables were soft and plainly simple. I asked for some chili sauce on the side and she was nice enough to put it in a condiments container for me.Image

Feeling like something light, I got the Mixed Veg. w. Garlic Sauce. This was also rather disappointing. Most of the vegetables were decent – the napa cabbage, green peppers, celery, carrots, and broccoli were all piping hot. However, the cabbage was quite hard, clearly not cooked long enough for it to soften. The sauce was too greasy for me, even though the sweet, spicy, and tangy base tasted good. It needed more sauce and less oil. The vegetables were almost coated in oil. At least the napa cabbage soaked up the flavors quite nicely. It needed more sauce in general. With so much rice, the dish was quite bland. I ate mostly just the vegetables and sauce. The rice was also a little soggy in some parts, which shows inconsistency. It was stir-fried on the spot but they could have done a much better job with more sauce, less oil, and a little more time in the wok.


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