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Spicy Squids – Koja

on September 21, 2012

ImageSeptember 19, 2012
Koja, Philadelphia PA
Squid Stir Fry

My previous attempt to get dinner from Koja food truck, one that I have passed innumerable times on my way to satisfyingly sweet macarons, was unsuccessful. They were sold out for the day so this time, I went for a late lunch and no, they were not sold out and I got what I wanted.

Squid sounded extremely appetizing, as did vegetables and spicy sauce, so that is what I got – Squid Stir Fry. The squid came in long, circular pieces and were extremely tender. The texture was wonderful as it was made to order and came out piping hot. The vegetables were nice, mostly cabbage with some onions among other ingredients. Everything was coated in plenty of the special spicy sauce, much like kochujang but with ground red chili peppers and other spices so it was not smooth. It was very flavorful and had a good kick, very bold in flavors. I was disappointed in the ratio of stir fry to steamed rice, though. For $6, I expected a least another half of a portion of squid and vegetables, and there was not much squid compared to vegetables to begin with. The rice was also inconsistent and slightly soggy in parts. I did enjoy the two pan fried dumplings on the side. The wrapper was still chewy due to them being only slightly fried. The filling of pork and vegetables was decent enough.Image

I also got a side order of Kimchi. It came out of another container and put into a small bowl for take out. For $1.50, the portion was not too bad. However, the kimchi was a bit too sour and not spicy or flavorful enough. It was certainly store-bought and by no means some of the better kimchi I have had.

I think Koja is a bit overpriced to be sure. Despite a lack of Korean food trucks, there is certainly no shortage of Asian food trucks around. For $1-$2 more, they give less food. There is also Koreana down the street, which I will try very soon. Unless I am around or craving Korean food, I will not likely go back – except perhaps on Friday afternoons when everything is only $4.50. 


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