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Eat Those Cookies Fresh – Subway

on September 22, 2012

ImageSeptember 20, 2012
Subway, Philadelphia PA
Sugar Cookie
White Chocolate Macadamian Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Next stop at the Dollar Stroll was Subway with their $1 deal for three cookies.

The Sugar Cookie had a slight artificial almond taste, but apart from that, it was simple and sweet. The cookie was soft but could have been even softer. The edges were harder but it was hue and well worth 1/3 of a dollar.Image

The White Chocolate Macadamian Cookie was my favorite. The macadamia nuts were crunchy and the white chocolate chips sweet. More nuts would have been nice, though, and I found myself wishing it had just came out of the oven.Image

Finally, the Chocolate Chip Cookie was nothing special. It was somewhat soft and the chocolate chips were slightly melted, but I wanted something sweeter. What is with chocolate chip cookies not being sweet enough in general nowadays? it was still certainly worth 1/3 of a dollar, though!


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