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Shortbread and Spicy S’more – Green Line Cafe

on September 22, 2012

ImageSeptember 20, 2012
Green Line Cafe, Philadelphia PA
Shortbread Cookie w/ Rhubarb Glaze
Cayenne-laced S’more

It was the last Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll of the year, so I just had to go as visit some vendors for great dollar deals and treats. First stop was Green Line Cafe, which I will be going back to for paninis and various cupcakes.

This evening, though, I started with a Shortbread Cookie w/ Rhubarb Glaze. The shortbread cookie was crumbly and the texture was nice but it was not sweet or buttery enough. The filling could have been more sweet and flavorful but this was certainly a lighter treat, a nice little bite. The fruity rhubarb flavor was not strong but still decent.Image

The Cayenne-laced S’more sounded interesting and slightly scary. It was not as spiced as I expected and the marshmallow was sticky and gooey. The chocolate could have been richer and sweeter, though, since it tasted kind of bland like poor quality chocolate. The graham cracker crust was too soft and most for my liking and not sweet enough either.

The cafe is not too far so I will definitely be back soon after checking out their regular menu and spitting some delicate and lively looking vegan cupcakes on display for only $2.50. I can’t wait!

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