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Thai? Chinese? Whatever! – The Real Le Anh

on September 22, 2012

ImageSeptember 20, 2012
The Real Le Anh, Philadelphia PA
Shrimp Tom Yum Soup
Vegetable Dumplings

Starving after class, I made my way to The Real Le Anh for the second time to try the Shrimp Tom Yum Soup. It had only four shrimp in it and while they were of decent size and I expected them to be frozen shrimp, they were the slightest but overcooked and not as bouncy or tender as they could be. The flavors were nice though, despite a lack of authentic Thai flavors, especially the lemongrass. The basil leaves gave it a nice aroma and the garlic and chili pepper sauce-based soup made the soup spicy and satisfying. I am not expecting authentic Thai flavors to begin with. The vermicelli rice noodles were gladly not overcooked and the vegetables, especially the bean sprouts and daikon radish, were refreshing. Image

The Vegetable Dumplings were not as good, though. I got them steamed but the lady forgot about them until my soup was already done. Since she was rushed, the thicker part of the wrapper (yellow and thick so probably store-bought) was still raw and hard. The filling had chives, which I loved, as well as shredded vegetables and potatoes. The potatoes made it slightly creamy in texture, but I do not like that since I do not like potatoes most of the time. I still love the sweet bean sauce it comes with, though, nice and traditional.Image

I am certainly going to become a regular visitor here, and the owner is especially nice. While the prices are slightly higher than other food trucks, perhaps by $0.50 or so each dish, they do offer some unique items and dishes without rice for $1 extra. I might get some of that in the near future.


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