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A Student’s Staple – The Best House Pizzeria

on September 27, 2012

ImageSeptember 20, 2012
The Best House Pizzeria, Philadelphia PA
Pepperoni Pizza

School events more often than not do not live up to the hype the flyers and group emails generate. However, you can always depend on the smaller events for pizza, even if you are half an hour late. This was what I did after retuning from the Baltimore Ave Dollar Stroll and for dinner, I had pizza from The Best House Pizzeria.

The slice of Pepperoni Pizza was nothing special but not too bad either. I liked the crust, especially it’s chewiness ad plain flour taste. It was quite thick so I really enjoyed biting into it. The pepperoni was nicely seasoned but a bit too greasy. The cheese was a little bland. But again, I am not expecting anything gourmet at student events, just your ordinary slice of hardly Italian comfort food.

Best House on Urbanspoon


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