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Seemingly Scallops – Le Anh

on September 27, 2012

ImageSeptember 21, 2012
Le Anh, Philadelphia PA
Scallop w/ Fresh Mushroom and Mixed Veggies

Yet another Chinese food truck I have not tried was Le Anh. Apparently, both this and The Real Le Anh used to be owned by the same lady but this one was sold to her friend. This friend was also very friendly, with her smile and accented English, explaining to me they have different sauces that I can choose from if I preferred something not according to the menu. 

I got the Scallop w/ Fresh Mushroom and Mixed Veggies, which came with the garlic sauce that I wanted anyway. I still am not sure whether the scallops were fake, but they seemed like imitation crab meat except a bit coarser and thicker. The sheets of what I am guessing is some kind of tofu product were rolled together and cut into scallop shapes. They were tender and had a nice, slightly sweet flavor, though. I got fried rice and the lady was very accommodating with giving me less rice and more vegetables. The vegetables and mushrooms were steamed, as were the scallops. Then, garlic sauce was ladled onto everything. I would have preferred an actually stir fried dish, but it was not greasy and a rather flavorful and healthy lunch.


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