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A Tribute to Native Americans – Zea May’s

on September 30, 2012

ImageSeptember 22, 2012
Zea May’s, Philadelphia PA
Creamy Sweet Potato Empanada
Spicy Bean & Cheese Empanada

The line was long. It was not even moving, hardly faster than a snail, or shall I say escargot. Yet, the attractiveness  of free food is strong and so, like many other students, I lined up in front of Zea May’s food truck. At least I was not disappointed by the empanadas, which were freshly fried and came out piping hot.


The Creamy Sweet Potato was indeed creamy with the naturally sweet aroma of the aptly named sweet potato. The fried dough wrapper was crispy on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside. The crunch contrasted nicely with the filling, which had a few chunks of the mushy vegetable mixed in, not perfectly mashed up. The flavor was a little bland since sweet potatoes are not strongly flavored to begin with, and wrapped in the dough, I thought it perhaps needed a touch of cinnamon or something similar.

The Spicy Bean &Image Cheese Empanada should have been more flavorful but sadly, was not. The wrappers were again nicely fried but the filling was disappointing. The beans were not exactly mushy, there was barely any gooey, melty cheese to blend everything together, and the spices failed to deliver a distinct kick. Still, it was a nice change from the Asian food trucks that have become my go to sources when my stomach starts growling at me.Image


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