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Not Sweet but Sour – Sweetgreen

on September 30, 2012

ImageSeptember 24, 2012
Sweetgreen, Philadelphia PA
September Salad

I always see so many students eating inside Sweetgreen, each with their own gourmet salad. The bowls were wooden and thus very ‘gourmet.’ It is a quaint little salad joint, upscale, quite expensive, and clearly popular among health-conscious students.

I gave the September Salad a try – roasted eggplant, green and red peppers, basil, grape tomatoes, Parmesan reggiano, and lemon hummus tahini dressing over a bed of mesclun. I was surprised, first of all, by the small portion. There were about six pieces of the delicious roasted eggplant cubes and six tomato halves. The lemon hummus tahini dressing did not impress, either, as it was a bit too acidic and overwhelmingly sharp for me. The lemon was strong while the hummus did not have much distinction; it tasted weird. The slice of side bread was chewy with a slightly tough crust, which was nice, but it was a thin slice and very light. The salad was decent, with fresh ingredients, but for $7.35, it was very pricey for something without a meat or protein. 


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