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Korean ‘K’ravings – Koreana

on October 2, 2012

ImageSeptember 26, 2012
Koreana, Philadelphia PA
Soon DuBu

A drizzly, dreary evening was just screaming ‘hot pot,’ ‘spicy,’ and ‘soup’ at me. I could not resist, so I headed over to Koreana. I heard about this hole in the wall a while back and after checking it out online, decided the menu was legit and it was a great place that is super close by for some satisfying, spicy Korean food. I was not particularly hungry but needed something to warm me up, so I stayed away from noodles and rice cakes.

I got the Soon DuBu, a spicy seafood soup with soft tofu and an egg. It was served with a bowl of white rice and a side of kimchi. The egg was a little over-cooked for a hot pot soup, considering it should be eaten as soon as it is cracked into the stone bowl and the outside has barely hardened. However, the inside was still runny and delicious. There was not a whole bunch of seafood, just a handful of tiny mussels, a few small shrimp, and some pieces of squid. However, they were tender. The soft tofu was so soft and blended well with the soup, which was quite spicy and perfect. It was served while still bubbling and continued to do so for a couple of minutes. The bowl of spicy, hot liquid was heavenly and totally worth the wait. It is no surprise the little rundown shop was filled with customers. I cannot wait to go back and try literally everything on the menu!

Koreana on Urbanspoon


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