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Falafel… Finally! – Mediterranean Café

on October 5, 2012

ImageSeptember 27, 2012
Mediterranean Café, Philadelphia PA
Falafel Salad

After a speaker event, I passed through the food court and picked up a Falafel Salad from Mediterranean Café. I have never had anything from here before, but the lines are always slightly longer than the other fast food chains of A&W, Taco Bell, and Quiznos. I figured that grilled falafel was what I needed – and I was glad it was not fried like most places around campus. The two large falafel had a sauce similar to a hollandaise on it, making it creamy but did not add much flavor. I liked the ground chickpeas with the spices, though. The texture was rough and not very firm, but the seasoning was great. The salad was fresh, though I picked out the olives. The dressing was decent, and the side of oil and vinegar was okay. I found the pickled turnips too be too salty and sour, though. It was also served with a side of pita, which tasted like reheated pita. It was quite tough and not very thick and soft. The falafel was the star, though, and I shall try more from other places soon. 


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