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Exotically Exquisite – Sazon Restaurant & Cafe

on October 8, 2012

ImageSeptember 28, 2012
Sazon Restaurant & Cafe, Philadelphia PA
La Selva Arepa

Dinner with the team always results in a great night, even if it takes forever for great food to be brought out. Our Social Chair is from Colombia but apparently, the Philly food scene seriously lacks decent Colombian cuisine so we had to settle for arepas at a Venezuelan restaurant – Sazon Restaurant and Cafe.

My La Selva Arepa was heartbreakingly delicious… or delicias! An arepa, which I have never had before, is basically corn patties, usually made from cornmeal, then, in this case, pan-fried. The stuffing inside varies from meats and cheeses to beans and vegetables. Mine was the ‘grilled veggies delight’ which included a large grilled portabella mushroom, onions, green pepper, eggplant, tomato, and spinach. The corn pattie itself was dense but soft and coarse, crumbling easily and without much chew. The exterior was slightly crispy, which was lovely. The grilled vegetables were all very soft and nicely done, although a tad greasy. It also had a basil pesto, which was lovely and very flavorful, going well with the bland corn patty and the vegetables. It was quite huge and I had to eat it with the knife they provided. Overall, it was a very nice introduction to Venezuelan cuisine for me!

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