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Rittenhouse Squared – Square on Square

on October 8, 2012

ImageSeptember 29, 2012
Square on Square, Philadelphia PA
Square’s Special Fish Fillet
Lamb with Scallion
Shrimp and Scallop in House Sauce

Another club treated the board members to dinner at Square on Square. I heard about this Chinese/Asian fusion restaurant a while back and so, was quite excited. However, even on a Saturday night, the bottom half was pretty much empty. Maybe we were just a little early, and perhaps there were more people upstairs, but it was still a little odd. The food, however, was exquisite.Image

Another girl’s dish came first – the Square Special Fish Fillet – and we all had a bite. The fillets were extremely soft and tender, perfectly coated in the white wine sauce that was basically the traditional starchy clear sauce in many Chinese dishes. The mushrooms and snow peas were good but very generic. I think this is one of those traditional Chinese dishes rather than a fusion plate. However, the flavor was subtle but still nice and refreshing.

Another girl had the Lamb with Scallion. This dish, at a whopping $17.00, although with a decent portion of lamb, was not up to par with my standards. The scallions provided the nice wok flavor, but the lamb slices were too thick and overdone. They were no longer tender and melting in your mouth. Instead, they were quite tough. Additionally, while I liked the smoky flavor with the fresh zing of the scallions, it was a bit bland, without any distinct added flavor.Image

Finally, I ordered the Shrimp and Scallop in House Sauce, which came with a few very tender and succulent prawns and scallops. The portion was small but the flavor of the sauce, something similar to a spicy sweet chili sauce and a garlic sauce blend, was bold and very flavorful. The vegetables were a nice touch, and the broccoli florets were especially good as they soaked up all the sauce and flavor.

The restaurant was nice and service was decent. Their menu is slightly overpriced, though, which makes me hesitant to go back. None of their dishes really stood out as contemporary Asian or Asian fusion – it was just mostly Chinese with an all-English menu. Nonetheless, dinner was still fabulous and the flavors in my dish quite memorable. 

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