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National Day for Mexican Staple – Taco Bell

on October 14, 2012

ImageOctober 4, 2012
Taco Bell, Philadelphia PA
Doritos Locos Tacos
Pinto n’ Cheese

Tight on time during the day and wanting to spend every minute studying for my first midterm, I went to Taco Bell for National Taco Day and to get something quick and convenient. I think I have only had Taco Bell once or twice before, so I was a bit out of touch with ordering.

I decided on the new Doritos Locos Tacos. It was small but still cheap, and I loved the Doritos taco shell. It was just like a Nacho Cheese Dorito tortilla chip, but bigger. The light cheese flavor was good, and the orange was pretty, too. The ground beef was quite juicy and the lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese were decent, nothing spectacular but not bad. It was crunchy and quite flavorful with the Hot Border Sauce I added on top.

ImageI also ordered a side of Pintos n’ Cheese. The mashed pinto beans were nicely seasoned and very flavorful. The small bowl of mushiness was covered with slightly melted cheese. The cheese was not exactly great, as it was not completely melted and processed cheese do not have too much flavor. The beans were nice, though, and as much as you can expect from fast food chains.

Taco Bell on Urbanspoon


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