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On the Need for Paninis: Part I – Così

on October 14, 2012

ImageOctober 3, 2012
Così, Philadelphia PA
Fire-Roasted Veggies Sandwich
Southwestern Turkey & Corn Chili

I used to hate sandwiches. They were never my lunch and I refused to eat them at all. That was when they were still the regular sliced bead with processed meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise. Now, ever since gourmet sandwiches and paninis became popular, I have been slowly eating more of them, especially the ones with chicken or roasted vegetables. Other ingredients I like quite a lot are fresh mozzarella and different pesto spreads, especially on focaccia. To honor this trend and my newly found love for gourmet sandwiches and paninis, I will dedicate a series of posts, all under the same name but with multiple parts, of all the different sandwiches and paninis I try around campus, and perhaps back home later on.

The first of such an excursion was to Così. They use their flatbreads, which are always warm and chewy and perfectly dense with a lot of flavor. I had the Fire-roasted Veggies Sandwich, which came with my favorite roasted peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, onion, and eggplant, along with crisp romaine and a very delicious creamy feta spread. I loved the cheesy spread, giving the vegetables a lot of flavor. The vegetables were roasted nicely, and were even better after being toasted. However, I found them to be slightly greasy. The lettuce did not add much to the sandwich and I would have preferred more roasted vegetables rather than lettuce. However, it was definitely good and something I would order again.

ImageThe Southwest Turkey & Corn Chili was also very good. It had quite a spicy kick, with bold flavors. The turkey was tender and the corn made it sweet. The pinto beans were soft and creamy. The thick chili was very heartwarming and definitely made with quality ingredients. The spices blended beautifully and it was very thick and filling.

Così is certainly keeping up with quality, which makes sense considering their slightly high prices. As long as their food remains in good portion sizes and the high quality healthy food, students will continue to go there, and so will I. My first sandwich here will certainly not be my last and I will be back soon enough for another sandwich, perhaps with my favorite fresh mozzarella!


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