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Papa’s Pizzas – Papa John’s

on October 14, 2012

ImageSeptember 30, 2012
Papa John’s, Philadelphia PA
Cheese Pizza
Pineapple Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Mushroom Pizza

Club meetings always seem to involve pizza. Luckily, there is never a shortage of these modified Italian staples around campus. This time, it was from Papa John’s, my favorite in this area.

The Cheese Pizza was simple, with cheese and marinara sauce. The sauce was very well seasoned and had the nice tomato flavor. The cheese was not too bland and plastic-y tasting, either. The crust was soft and chewy, though I would have preferred it to be thicker. That’s just my personal preference for thick crusts, though.Image

The Pineapple Pizza was refreshing and sweet. I am not a fan of ham, so it was like Hawaiian without the ham, just as I prefer. It was just canned pineapples, but the sweetness went nicely with the tang of the sauce and the savory cheese.

The Pepperoni Pizza was slightly greasy for me, but that goes for pepperoni pizzas in general. It was just a generic slice of pizza, but again, the cheese is not the worst kind, nor is the sauce, which makes it one of the better ones around campus.Image

Finally, the Mushroom Pizza was actually quite nice. I like my plain fungi tastes, although I did not use to like it at all. The mushrooms were soft and I just wished there were more of them.Image


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