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The Harvest Quiz – Quiznos

on October 20, 2012

ImageOctober 9, 2012
Quiznos, Philadelphia PA
Harvest Chicken Salad

Somehow, I did not have time to grab dinner until five minutes before my dance lesson so I had to make a quick stop at Quiznos. I got a large Harvest Chicken Salad and it was good. Sure it was not as good as Così salads, but it was still decent for a fast food chain. The romaine lettuce was actually quite fresh. The chicken was chopped up in small cubes but they were still quite tender. The pumpkin seeds were lovely and crunchy and the sweetened, dried cranberries added a nice sweetness to the salad. My favorite part was the fruits: chopped granny smith apples and mini grape halves. The whole combination for the salad was very good for a place like this and the acai vinaigrette dressing was quite tangy and refreshing as well.

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