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Gotta Love the Soy Chicken – Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen

on October 21, 2012

ImageOctober 10, 2012
Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen, Philadelphia PA
Vegetarian General Tso’s Chicken

One thing I love about Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen besides their cheaper prices compared to every other Chinese food truck on campus is that they make everything to order. The husband is the one stir-frying everything in a wok when you order something. Thus, all their food is properly flavored with the sauces and comes out piping hot. While their fried rice is nothing fantastic, actually far from it, it offers something different than the regular steamed white rice.

I decided to go with the Vegetarian General Tso’s Chicken, which was the Chinese vegetarian chicken that is made from soy products. It was slightly fried and soaked up the sweet, tangy, and spicy General Tso’s sauce nicely. They were so soft, chewy, and flavorful. The sauce was also great, one of my favorite flavors in Chinese fast food. There were quite a few large pieces of the vegetarian chicken, as well as a decent amount of onions and broccoli. The broccoli florets also soaked up the sauce very nicely. I love how Yue Kee never fails to give you lots of sauce and so the rice is never bland. Overall, I loved this combination and would definitely get it again whenever I do not feel like trying something new from their super extensive menu. 


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