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On the Need for Paninis: Part II – Di Bruno Bros.

on October 21, 2012

ImageOctober 16, 2012
Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia PA
Pronto Chicken Classic Sandwich

Mamma Mia Classic Sandwich
Caprese Classic Sandwich
Steakhouse Beef & Bleu Classic Sandwich
Green Initiative Classic Sandwich

Special events are great when it comes to offering catered food. Special events planned with funding from large associations are even better, and thus, I got the chance to try various sandwiches from Di Bruno Bros. I was overjoyed to see so many varieties of gourmet sandwiches, so here is my second post on the recently developed love for these bread, meat, cheese, and vegetable combinations. There is something to be said when people order way too much food that they ask everyone who shows up to please take more after they have had their fill.Image

I started with a Pronto Chicken Classic Sandwich. The processed, sliced chicken breast meat was quite dry and bland. I would rather have a large grilled chicken breast that is tender and juicy. This was easy to eat but just dry. The fresh mozzarella and basil pesto were delicious, though. The roasted red bell peppers on top were also great. They were wilted and had that lovely sweet aroma.

The Mamma Mia Classic Sandwich was decent. The prosciutto was a bit too salty but the texture was great. The mozzarella was fresh and fabulous, as well as the basil pesto. I have never had so many sandwiches that had mozzarella and basil pesto paired with such a large variety of meats. This was just like a Caprese with extra prosciutto, which I think detracted from the light mozzarella.Image

The Caprese Classic Sandwich was delightful. Although the fresh mozzarella slices were slightly too thin for my liking, they were chewy with that light flavor. The tomatoes were nothing special but the large basil leaves brought a really strong basil scent and taste to the sandwich. The pesto was amazing as well, soaking up nicely into the herbed focaccia, which was perfectly chewy and soft. I love focaccia, and most artisan bread for that matter, as long as the texture is good.Image

The Steakhouse Beef & Bleu Classic Sandwich was certainly not my favorite, but that is just because I do not like sliced beef. Real steaks are so much better. All this slicing just detracts from the juiciness of the meat. It was very salty and the bleu cheese spread did not help. However, I did like the cheese. The flavor was strong but good. The arugula did not do much, nor did the roasted tomato slices. They were both bland and did not stand out at all. The artisan roll it came on was quite hard on the outside and tasted just a tad bit stale.

Finally, the Green Initiative Classic Sandwich had artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, roasted tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and a goat cheese spread. The artisan roll was again very tough on the outside but at least it was artisan bread. The artichoke hearts were a bit too sour for me and very monotone but not in a good way. The tomatoes were quite sour as well, but the flavor was more sophisticated. The goat cheese was very strong and dominated in flavor. It clashed with the artichokes and tomatoes in my opinion.Image

Overall, I think for a catered meal of gourmet sandwiches, Di Bruno Bros. did an excellent job. The salads and sides that were also served were fresh and delightful. They had so many varieties of sandwiches and I had such a hard time picking out even quite a few. I think they would have been so much better toasted but I am not complaining.

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