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Ten Veggies and a Slice of Bread – Hale and Hearty

on October 21, 2012

ImageOctober 12, 2012
Hale and Hearty, New York NY
[Sourdough Bread]
10 Vegetable Soup

I headed up to New York City to visit two company offices as part of a career trek experience with some other students. We stopped at Chelsea Market for lunch and I fell in love with the quaint little place. Who would have thought such a traditional market existed in the middle of New York? It was crowded but all the artisan food shops looked absolutely delicious.

The Sourdough Bread was decent. I loved the very chewy and tough crust with the very soft and airy center. It was not as sour as I would have liked though.

ImageI went with Hale and Hearty since I was up for something warm and comforting and soup sounded perfect. The 10 Vegetable Soup was just what I needed. The various vegetables were great, especially in the tomato-based soup that was not very thick and creamy but rather more like a broth. It was delicious with a wonderful blend of spices.

I absolutely love soup and would have loved to try everything they had. So many varieties to choose from and everything sounded divine. I just wished such a place existed on campus. Having a few of their selections at the Gia Pronto on campus is just not enough.

Hale and Hearty Soups--Ninth Avenue on Urbanspoon


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