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Pumpkins and Breakfast – Starbucks

on October 29, 2012

ImageOctober 21, 2012
Starbucks, Philadelphia PA
Spinach, Egg White & Feta Breakfast Wrap

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Scone
Pumpkin Bread

It was the last day of Starbucks’ breakfast sandwich promotion – each only $2 with the purchase of a handcrafted beverage. Naturally, I had to go and try at least one item, and so I did after going to the gym.

The Spinach, Egg White & Feta Breakfast Wrap was extremely tasty. Toasty warm, it had egg whites and a blend of spinach, feta, and bell peppers wrapped inside a soft tortilla. The egg white omelet was quite large and soft. The spinach and peppers were nice although the feta was a little too salty for me. There was just slightly too much in some of the bites. Overall, it was a tasty breakfast option, and a healthy one, too!

The Pumpkin Spice Latte was one of my favorites when I was taking college courses during grade 12. I had a coffee every single class because the extra two hours after a full day in high school always made me doze off in class unless I had caffeine in me. This particular cup was nicely made, sweet and spiced. The whip cream is needed to add that extra richness, especially since I get it with skim milk. However, just a little bit is good. I love the pumpkin spice in the creamy coffee.Image

The Pumpkin Scone was also delicious. The hardened icing on top was very sweet, which is why I loved it. The scone itself was soft and dense and just moist enough for a scone. It was quite crumbly and slightly more like a cake than some of the scones I have had at other places. I like the texture, though, since I like cakes more than I like pastries and breads. The scone was actually not very sweet but instead had the lovely pumpkin spice.

The Pumpkin Bread also had that lovely spice, but it was a lot sweeter than the scone. I did not mind at all, though. It was moist and very tasty. The pumpkin seeds on the top added a nice crunch. I am always amused at how Starbucks manages to keep its cakes and breads so moist, and I certainly appreciate it.Image

All the pumpkin choices at Starbucks, including the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin I had before, certainly signify the autumn season. The pumpkin spice definitely makes the cafés cozy and comfortable. With a cup of warm coffee in mind and peaceful music playing softly in the background, it is easy to imagine that the world is problem-free. 


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