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The Korean Kick – Koreana

on October 30, 2012

ImageOctober 21, 2012
Koreana, Philadelphia PA
Mol Mandu

Deok Boki

I had a $10 voucher for LivingSocial about to expire so I decided it was the perfect time to use it at Koreana. My plan was to eat in but the guy in charge, I think he was either the manager or the owner, did not pay enough attention and so they made it as a take-out order. On a Sunday night, the little hole in the wall was so crowded I was quite surprised to get my food within ten minutes.

To start, the Mol Mandu were just okay. They were boiled a little too long that the dumpling wrappers were already very mushy. I think they were supposed to be vegetarian but I definitely tasted some ground pork mixed in with the vermicelli rice noodles and cabbage among other vegetables. It was quite bland and oddly wrapped, unlike traditional dumplings. The sweetened soy sauce for dipping was generic but good.Image

The Deok Boki was a dish of rice cake with cabbage, processed fish slices, and vermicelli noodles in a sweet and spicy sauce. I loved the sauce. It was amazingly sweet with a very strong spicy kick. Not watered down, it was so bold and flavorful – just splendid. The cabbage and vermicelli were nice additions to the dish in my opinion. The cabbage was still somewhat hard and crunchy while the vermicelli was stretchy with good texture. The processed fish was just the generic Asian fish ball-type of food but sliced up and pan-fried before added to the dish. It was bouncy and soft. The rice cakes were sticky and slightly undercooked. Perhaps a little too undercooked in some cases, as it was kind of hard like it gets when it is frozen. I hate mushy rice cake so I would rather have it a little harder but I would have liked it if tasted more like the fresh ‘hard’.

A little pricey, the flavors at Koreana definitely make up for the value. Everything before the discount online came to $11.88, which is certainly not cheap for such small portions. However, it is hard to find something so comforting and more authentic than what you get from food trucks. 

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