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Fruits of Fall – Dunkin’ Donuts

on November 3, 2012

ImageOctober 25, 2012
Dunkin’ Donuts, Philadelphia PA
Apple Crumb Donut
Fall Harvest Donut
Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin

Feeling like some dessert was in order while passing by Dunkin’ Donuts, I decided to poke my head in. Despite the late hour, they still had a variety of doughnuts and muffins left.

ImageThe Apple Crumb Donut was absolutely fantastic for a doughnut from a chain. The crumb coating on top with cinnamon was very sweet and so was the vanilla cream underneath. The apple and cinnamon filling inside was also very generic but good that I wish there was more. The dough was soft and the while doughnut was super sweet, perfect for me.

The Fall Harvest Donut was certainly visually appealing. It was generic frosting with its of orange food coloring and a variety if sprinkles. While nothing special, it does bring you to enjoy the autumn season. Image

The Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin was okay. It was not very sweet nor very buttery but rather bland. It was at least moist and had a sugar topping. I am not sure how over 400 calories is reduced far but it was not bad.

ImageMy treats were nothing close to gourmet desserts but they did satisfy my sweet tooth for the moment. I am not expecting anything fabulous from Dunkin’ Donuts, especially since it was all very cheap. I do wish they were freshly made, though.


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