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Hot and Home-y – Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen

on November 3, 2012

ImageOctober 23, 2012
Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen, Philadelphia PA
Beijing Hot Noodles
Orange Chicken
Beef Chow Fun

Chinese food trucks are clearly becoming a regular stop in between and after classes for me. As the weather gets colder and colder, hot stir-fries are becoming ever so pleasant.

October is apparently National Pork Month so it was good that I ordered the Beijing Hot Noodles. It was just regular boiled egg noodles with a stir-fried mixture of ground pork, small cubes of hard tofu, and chili oil. It was quite spicy and tasted very home-y, reminding me of simple yet delicious Chinese food. The tofu was more like traditional bean curd, very firm and tasty. The noodles were thick and al dente. For the small (pint) at $2.75, the portion was humongous, especially since there were a lot of noodles. The toppings were very salty and spicy that there was enough to go with so much noodles. All in all, it was well worth the price.Image

The Orange Chicken was also very decent. The pieces of chicken were large enough that it was not just batter but had tender meat inside. They were small enough to easily bite into and eat, though. There was only one piece of orange peel but the sweet, sour, and spicy sauce was quite generically tasty. It coated the vegetables and chicken nicely and there was a generous amount to accompany the fried rice.Image

I also felt like trying the Beef Chow Fun when dinnertime rolled around. I had heard rave reviews about it and surely enough, it did not disappoint. The portion was so huge that the lid could not even close properly. The one complaint I had was that the wide and flat rice noodles were a little overcooked and a little too soggy. It seemed like they were boiled first before being stir fried with the beef, which was surprisingly flavorful and tender. The dish was a little bland so perhaps more soy sauce would have been nice.

I cannot stress how much I appreciate the food to be made to order at Yue Kee. Calling to place my order and then walking over was also very efficient and so I did not have to wait too long. With the portions so huge yet so cheap, I can go for variety and still have lots of left overs. 


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