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No Lines, No Good – House of Pita Hanan

on November 7, 2012

ImageOctober 27, 2012
House of Pita Hanan, Philadelphia PA
Shawrma (Gyro) with Hanan Hoummos Sandwich
Hanan Falafel & Baba Ghanoush Eggplant Platter

Thinking it was time to stop this Chinese food from going to day five, I decided to give House of Pita Hanan a try. I always pass by it on my way to Yue Kee’s and although I have never seen a line, I have seen some people buy food there. However, after getting a sandwich and a platter for dinner, I understand why most students would rather go next door. The lady was on the phone the whole time and was quite slow in getting the food ready for no apparent reason.Image

The Shawrma (Gyro) with Hanan Hoummos Sandwich was not great. The lamb shawrma was flat in perfectly rectangular shapes, clearly processed. There was only a thin layer of generic hummus and there was not enough flavor from the hot sauce and yogurt. The vegetables were crunchy but the pita was too large and flat. It was not freshly toasted and was very tough.

The Hanan Falafel & Baba Ghanoush Eggplant Platter was also disappointing. The falafel were freshly fried and decent, but there was only four of them. The baba ghanoush was quite sour and monotonous. The Greek salad was just olive oil and vinegar over vegetables. There was a lack of hot sauce and yogurt on the platter as well. The yellow rice and the rice with lentils were a little better and at least decent and not soggy or overcooked.Image

I would not recommend this food truck. There are so many options for Mediterranean food around campus and I would be willing to trek a few minutes more to visit Hummus Grill of Greek Lady any day.


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