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Crying for Sandwiches – Wawa

on November 12, 2012

ImageNovember 3, 2012
Wawa, Philadelphia PA
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sizzli
Spicy Fiesta Turkey Wrap
Garden Salad
Maryland Crab Soup
Mac & Cheese
Hot Turkey Gobbler
Crumb Cake
Cream Filled Coffee Cake Muffin

Since the storm just passed and the venue of our show had changed, we had no food truck on the premises. Since it was the crack of dawn, I figured I might as well get lunch to go along with my morning dose of caffeine and celebrate National Sandwich Day in the morning and at night! Image

The Bacon, Egg and Cheese Croissant Sizzli was rather disappointing. The croissant was flaky and warm on the inside but kind of tough on the outside and slightly over-toasted. This was clearly the result of being left under the heat lamp for too long. The American cheese was decent enough with a semi-strong flavor. The bacon was somewhat crispy but was clearly left in the heat for a little too long. I had my doubts of the perfectly shaped egg omelette. I always wonder what kind of egg mixture they use to make the egg omelettes but it tasted not too outrageous. I think their breakfast sandwiches could be so much better if only they were not kept in the warmer for so long.

For lunch, the Spicy Fiesta Turkey Wrap was quite decent. The turkey was rather tender and the spicy sauce coated it nicely. The lettuce added a crunch but the pico de gallo was not very prominent, nor was the jalapeños. It was not warmed up, but I bet it would have been better had the tortilla been warm and soft. Overall, it was a decent wrap with generous and fresh ingredients. Image

The Garden Salad was not outstanding in any way. The cherry tomatoes were not very fresh and one was even starting to get a little rotten but mostly soft. The carrots were a little dry though the lettuce still had their crunch. The egg was okay, and I had forgotten to get dressing. I wish there were some cucumbers in it, like most garden salads do, so that it would have been more refreshing.

For convenience, I got dinner at Wawa, too. The Maryland Crab Soup was very comforting, with just enough spices and a slight but distinct kick. It was like a spicy tomato vegetable soup with finely shredded crabmeat. Mostly, it was just corn, potato, tomato, carrots, celery, and perhaps some other kind of vegetables. It was not too thick or watered down and was decent for a soup from such a place. Image

The Mac & Cheese was the standard, very creamy and cheesy but nothing special. At least there was enough cheese to coat the pasta. It was very creamy and just rich enough. I was disappointed that the macaroni was way overdone but it was probably pre-made. The flavors were decent enough.Image

The Hot Turkey Gobbler was quite delicious. The turkey was warm and tender and the gravy made it tasty. The sweet cranberry sauce was extremely nice and really stood out among the other flavors. The stuffing was a little dry but still nicely seasoned. I added lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes’ and roasted peppers on top of that and it was delicious. The roll was also freshly baked, a little tough on the outside but soft on the inside, just the way I like it.

The Crumb Cake was similar. While the layer of sugar and butter crumb topping was hard, slightly crunchy, and very thick, it was more buttery than sweet. The cake was soft and dense but a little dry. That is probably just from sitting in the display case all day long. Image

For dessert, the Cream Filled Coffee Cake Muffin was interesting but not sweet enough for me. For a treat with so many calories and all the good stuff, it was too buttery and greasy and not sweet enough. Even the crumb topping was more buttery than sweet. Tue muffin base was not very flavorful but at least the cream was the kind that was not too greasy. Image

Finally, the Brownie was actually decent enough. There were plenty of chocolate chunks inside and the brownie base was dense, moist, chewy, and slightly sticky. It was not too sweet but had a decent cocoa flavor.

I think from what I tried, Wawa does a decent job with the freshly made items. With food that has been sitting in a case for some time, the quality decreases exponentially. Freshly made though, you get a decent bang for the buck.ImageImageImage

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