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Homestyle Deliciousness – Kim’s Oriental Food

on November 12, 2012

ImageNovember 1, 2012
Kim’s Oriental Food, Philadelphia PA
Mapo Tofu w. Pork
Orange Chicken

It is a good thing Kim’s Oriental Food is so close to my room, easily accessible on my way back from class… so that is what I did.

The Mapo Tofu w. Pork was quite decent. Instead of being very spicy, it had a slightly sweetened gravy sauce with chopped carrots and peas that added to the sweetness. The steamed tofu was very soft and quite good. The pork was surprisingly tender and succulent. Though nowhere near authentic, this dish was definitely decent. The fresh scallions on top were a nice touch and it was quite a comforting dish for me.Image

The Orange Chicken was quite decent. Many students say that Kim’s does a good job with any kind of chicken in sauce and it is true. The orange flavor was mild but definitely there. I do wish the vegetables were stir fried together with the chicken and sauce, though, instead of just having the chicken and sauce placed on top of half-cold and oily vegetables. I do not like cold, greasy vegetables. There was not enough sauce for all the rice there but the chicken was nicely fried and soaked up good flavor.

Again, Kim delivered on its sauces, though not necessarily on its vegetables. It is a shame, as vegetables are not exactly difficult to execute it well. It would be so much better to have the entire dish stir-fried together.


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