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Ding Dong for Nachos – Taco Bell

on November 17, 2012

ImageNovember 6, 2012
Taco Bell, Philadelphia PA
Cinnamon Twists
Crunchy Taco
Beefy 5-Layer Burrito
Bean Burrito
Volcano Nachos

Taco Bell is the most convenient place to get my fill for Mexican food, especially when I am in a rush and craving salsa, cheese, and warm tortillas. There is usually a line, especially around meal times, but the service is fast and friendly.Image

It may seem odd to start with dessert, but that is what I did. The Cinnamon Twists were super crunchy and light, fried to perfection for such a light and puffy treat. The cinnamon sugar was very appealing for me. I just love the slightly spiced sweetness of it.

ImageThe Crunchy Taco was nothing spectacular but for what it costs, it is a good deal. It is one of the items on the Why Pay More menu and thus quite cheap. The taco was crunchy, as were the lettuce. The ground beef was quite juicy. I just found the cheese to be disappointing, but for something from Taco Bell, I am not expecting anything more. I loved putting their Fire Border Sauce on this taco to give it more of a kick.Image

The Beefy 5-Layer Burrito was actually quite good. I liked the gooey mix of cheese, ground beef, and beans. It was quite liquid for a burrito filling and was more like a beef, beans, and cheese stew. The flavors were decent, although I did appreciate Fire Border Sauce on this as well. The burrito tortilla was soft and warm, making the whole thing a gooey, lovely, cheesy mess.Image

The Bean Burrito had a similar filling except there was no beef. It was even more liquid and the filling literally oozed out of the burrito. I love the mashed, soft beans. They were very flavorful, especially with the cheese. It was something that was relatively simple but still very good with the warm tortilla.Image

Finally, it was National Nachos Day! I celebrated with an order of Volcano Nachos. This was absolutely delicious for something gotten at a fast food restaurant. The nachos chips were freshly fried and very warm and crispy. The red tortilla strips added to the crunch. The ground beef went nicely with the melted, gooey cheese. The diced tomatoes provided a little juicy bite and made it a bit refreshing. My favorite part was the super spicy volcano sauce. It packed such a punch but was so good when mixed with all the other flavors. Everything blended together nicely.Image

Most fast food chains in US have decent ingredients. Unlike a regular restaurant where flavors and textures are usually of concern, at fast food places, all I am looking for is care in assembling the ingredient. This particular Taco Bell does a fairly decent job in my opinion and I am glad to have this option on a busy day.

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