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Waiting for Disappointment – Hong Kong Chinese Food

on November 17, 2012

ImageNovember 5, 2012
Hong Kong Chinese Food, Philadelphia PA
Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce
General Tso’s Chicken


It was a particularly chilly evening but I was craving some steaming hot Chinese food. However, wanting to try a new truck, I made my longer-than-usual journey to Hong Kong Chinese Food. The wait was super long and so not worth it, even though the lady was super nice and let me substitute cookies for the drinks since they ran out of diet soda. I do not think I will be returning again. Here is the reason why.

The Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce did not taste like garlic sauce at all. It was not very sweet or tangy, nor was it spicy. It was just a slightly more complicated brown gravy sauce. The vegetables were nothing spectacular. I did like the variety, but the dish overall was a huge disappointment.Image

The General Tso’s Chicken was also very disappointing, especially considering it was $5. The sauce was not sweet and tangy enough. It was also lacking spice but slightly too salty. The pieces of chicken were heavily battered that there was not much meat to eat inside. The broccoli was okay but there was not enough sauce to flavor all the chicken, broccoli, and rice. It also got soggy very quickly that I do not think it was very crispy to begin with.

The key to good Chinese food truck food is stir-frying on the spot when someone orders. Also, you cannot use mini woks that do not provide much of the wok flavor; you need the real thing in the larger trucks. Hong Kong Chinese Food just did not cut it for me. 


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