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Tiger? Buffalo? Oh… the Japanese Zoo – Sushi DO

on November 27, 2012

ImageNovember 13, 2012
Sushi DO, Philadelphia PA
Seaweed Salad
Stuffed Soy Pockets
Crunchy Penn Roll
Tiger Roll
Buffalo Teriyaki Roll

Sushi DO churns out fresh sushi everyday to satisfy the gigantic demand from hungry students. There is no doubt their items are fresh, newly made and packed every morning. The display is so colorful, drawing my eye every time I pass by.Image

The Seaweed Salad was perfectly chewy, crunchy, a little slimy, and both sweet and tangy. I loved the flavor and texture. The seaweed was great, with a flavorful and bold marinade. 

The Stuffed Soy Pockets were decent. The inari tofu pockets were chewy and cold. They were juicy and very sweet, just the way I like it. The rice was decent with the vinegar distinct but not at all overwhelming. It was a little cold but not at all soggy.Image

The Crunchy Penn Roll was a little disappointing. The tempura flakes were more or less toasted rice crispies, which were not crunchy any more. After sitting on the spicy tuna, they became soggy. The spicy tuna was not spicy enough but at least the fish was okay considering Philly is nowhere near the ocean. The California roll as the base was just basic.Image

The Tiger Roll was great. The unagi on top was smothered in the BBQ unagi sauce, which I absolutely love. However, the eel itself was a little on the thin side, not what I am used to. The avocado was creamy. I wish there was more sauce to cover the California roll as well. The rice was okay and I love the crunchy, refreshing cucumbers.

ImageThe Buffalo Teriyaki Roll was not great. The chicken was dry and tough, like overcooked chicken breast meat. There was nothing else in the roll so it was quite plain. I could not really taste much of the spicy mayo besides a little creaminess. The eel sauce was sweet but I could have used more. 

Although a little overpriced, I am glad to have access to fresh sushi rolls and basic Japanese food. Sometimes, a bite is all that is needed. 


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