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It’s Simple & It’s Plain – Allegro Pizza & Grill

on December 4, 2012

ImageNovember 15, 2012
Allegro Pizza & Grill, Philadelphia PA
Tomato Pie Neapolitan Pizza
Allegro Pizza


For once, at an evening event, they are finally serving more gourmet pizza from Allegro Pizza & Grill. No more simple cheese, pepperoni, or vegetable pizzas. Things are getting interesting.

The Tomato Pie Neapolitan Pizza was so simple yet good. The crust was a little tough and quite chewy. I wish it was thicker though. The tomato sauce slathered on top was slightly sweet and not too sour. It was also nicely seasoned.Image

The Allegro White Pizza, a white pizza without tomato sauce but with spinach, ricotta, and tomatoes, was also decent. I am not very used to eating pizza without any tomato sauce. However, the mild cheese and vegetables were pretty good and not too heavy. The crust was also a little on the thin side but still fresh and chewy.

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