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Eat Your Veggies! – Hummus Grill

on December 7, 2012

ImageNovember 17, 2012
Hummus Grill, Philadelphia PA
Carrot Salad
Roasted Pear Salad

So many salads and vegetarian dishes yet so satisfying. This is why I love eating at Hummus Grill. They may be overpriced since it is more like a diner with self service, but boy, their food is delicious!

The Carrot Salad was not my favorite but still decent enough. The carrot slices were mushy and very flavourfully marinaded. It was a bit too acidic for me and the spices tasted kind of odd. I love trying these new kinds of marinade salads. They are so tasty. However, it was certainly a new taste I have never tried before.Image

The new appetizer Kubbeh was so yummy. It was four pieces of fried bulgur croquette stuffed with meatless soy filling. The outside was super crispy while the inside was soft and dense. I really loved the filling. It resembled meat very much and was savory and sweet simultaneously. The hummus they were served with was also creamy, savory, and absolutely wonderful.Image

The new Roasted Pear Salad was definitely overpriced. It was still refreshingly delicious though. Multiple slices of sweet roasted pear, savory crumbled goat cheese, and sweet cranberries were mixed with fresh greens. The pears were really good but too greasy. The ingredients all blended well together.

ImageFinally, I ordered a Baklava since it was National Baklava Day! It was a small triangular piece but the phyllo dough was soaked in rich honey and syrup. It had chopped pecans and nuts mixed inside the multiple layers; so many layers, so sweet, so satisfying. I never thought I would actually like treats made from phyllo dough but I found I can finally overlook the texture of phyllo dough. 

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