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Hobbits and Oz in the Jungle – Umai Royal

on December 8, 2012

ImageNovember 19, 2012
Umai Royal, Philadelphia PA
Jungle 2 Jungle
Lord of the Ring Roll
Over the Rainbow Roll

I bought this Groupon a long time ago and finally found a chance to go to dinner with a friend. We took Septa to Center City and thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing, chilly night air amidst the twinkling holiday lights down Walnut Street.

A blend of Japanese, Chinese, and Thai, I could not help but order the very exotic-sounding Jungle 2 Jungle. It was a stir-fry vegetable and tofu dish made with a light Thai curry sauce. I really enjoyed the crunchy yet thoroughly cooked broccoli. The cubes of tofu were a little small so that while the outer layer was crispy, there was not enough substance inside to have a dense yet soft centre. The bamboo shoots were also quite delicious, coated in the light yet flavourful sauce. Image

The Lord of the Ring Roll was essentially a soy paper-wrapped California roll with crunchy cucumber, imitation crabmeat, and creamy avocado. It was topped with soft and flavourful spicy tuna, ikura (salmon roe), and special chef’s sauce. The roll was creative and decently made. However, there was not enough filling and topping but rather a little too much rice for the size of the roll. Each piece was small, as it was a skinny roll. While the flavours were good, it was definitely not top-notch.Image

The Over the Rainbow Roll was a slight variation on the usual Rainbow Roll. The crunchy spicy tuna roll was topped with two types of tuna – I think – salmon, and whitefish. I enjoyed the whitefish a lot but the salmon and tuna could have been fresher. The spicy tuna and crunchy tempura flakes on the inside were great, though. Texture and taste were both good. Again, though, there was a little too much rice for the size of the roll and it was not the best sushi rice.

A quaint and obscured little place, it was certainly a nice night out. Service was friendly and there were not many customers on a Monday night. With most of the restaurant empty, we got our food very quickly.


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