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The Only Lake Around – 太湖海鲜酒家-Tai Lake Restaurant

on December 14, 2012


ImageNovember 21, 2012
太湖海鲜酒家 – Tai Lake Restaurant, Philadelphia PA
清炒菜心 (Sauteed Chinese Choi Sum)
麻辣玉带茄子煲 (Scallop & Eggplant in Spicy Sauce)
铁板烧汁雪鱼 (Cod Fish with Spicy Sauce on Sizzling Platter)

Wanting to try a new restaurant that is neither of the BBQ Cantonese style or the spicy Sichuan style, I searched up Tai Lake Restaurant just as Dad and I passed by. Seeing the place was quite busy, we stepped inside. It was quite a nice, upscale restaurant considering the surroundings outside. 

The 清炒菜心 (Sauteed Chinese Choi Sum) was just what I needed: sauteed green vegetables at its simplest and best. It was so refreshing and wonderfully plain. Crunchy and juicy, it was so comforting.Image

As soon as I see “scallop,” “eggplant,” and “spicy,” I knew I had to get the 麻辣玉带茄子煲 (Scallop & Eggplant in Spicy Sauce). Three of my favourites finally came together in a small stone pot. The sauce was a bit disappointing though, not very spicy and just a simple savoury gravy sauce. I would have preferred a sweet and spicy garlic sauce. There was plenty of mushy eggplants and succulent scallops, though.Image

Finally, the 铁板烧汁雪鱼 (Cod Fish with Spicy Sauce on Sizzling Platter) had a good sauce, sweet and spicy. However, the pieces of fish fillet were battered and deep fried. It made a healthy dish – somewhat, at least – unhealthy. The crispy batter was okay but became soggy after a while and prevented the flavour from getting into the fish itself. The sauce was lovely, though.

It was not cheap, but considering the quality of the food and the atmosphere, it was very reasonable. I think Tai Lake is a great place to take friends on a night out for some decent Chinese food in Chinatown. 

Tai Lake on Urbanspoon


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