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Monstrous Buns – 旺角站饼屋–Mong Kok Station Bakery

on December 15, 2012

ImageNovember 23, 2012
旺角站饼屋 – Mong Kok Station Bakery, Philadelphia PA
吞拿鱼包 (Tuna Fish Bun)
火腿蛋 (Ham & Egg Bun)
粟米包 (Ham & Corn Bun)

Dad and I once again picked up breakfast for the next morning from a nearby Chinese bakery. Not that many were still open late Friday night but at least Mong Kok Station Bakery was still welcoming customers, partly because they are also part cafe with a dim sum and snacks menu and dine-in seating.Image

Taking my first bite of 吞拿鱼包 (Tuna Fish Bun), I knew then that I would not be going back. The bread was not soft, moist, chewy, and slightly sweet. Instead, it was airy and slightly dry, without much flavour. The filling was not very flavourful either and quite dry and bland. There was not very much of it either. The canned tuna was mixed with some chopped water chestnuts, I think, to add a crunch.Image

The 火腿蛋 (Ham & Egg Bun) certainly did not live up to my standards. The omelette was not thick and fluffy. The ham was far from savoury. The bread was dry and tasteless. This should have been such a simple bun, but even the mayonnaise was bland.Image

The 粟米包 (Ham & Corn Bun) was no different. The bread was especially dry and tasteless, making the texture unwelcoming. The corn was overcooked and not sweet, as were the peas. There were not that many to start with. The mayonnaise was bland but a little greasy. 

There was nothing about this bakery that will bring me back, not to mention that my dad asked for the Curry Chicken Bun and not until I ate it the next morning did I realize it was the Tuna Fish Bun. They need to figure out how to bake and sell it correctly. 

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