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Pastry Buns Rules – 大家乐面包西饼–K.C.’s Pastries

on December 15, 2012

ImageNovember 23, 2012
大家乐面包西饼 – K.C.’s Pastries, Philadelphia PA
芋头包 (Taro Bun)
咖吔包 (Pineapple Custard Cream Bun)
芝士粟米包 (Corn & Cheese Bun)

We stepped into K.C.’s Pastries to grab a few bun selections for breakfast the day before. I did not go last time Dad and Mom went but the place seemed decent, with quite a few customers.Image

The 芋头包 (Taro Bun) was very good, even if it was not up to T&T Bakery standards. The bread was soft, sticky, chewy, and sweet, very moist and freshly baked. The taro filling was very generous and decently sweetened. It could have used more taro, though, as it did taste slightly artificial. Not that I mind, but more taro would have been nice.Image

The 咖吔包 (Pineapple Custard Cream Bun) had the same great bread. The pineapple sugar topping was too crumbly and a little too dry. The texture was just slightly off. The custard cream inside was light yet sweet. It was the kind that I like. Image

Finally, the 芝士粟米包 (Corn & Cheese Bun) was the worst of the three. The bread was not as soft, moist, and chewy but at least it was still slightly sweet. The cheese was very bland, as was the corn. I could not really taste much of either of the flavours. Image

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