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Penang in Philly – Penang

on December 15, 2012

November 23, 2012
Penang, Philadelphia PA
Salted Fish W. Chinese Broccoli
Mango Shrimp
Thai Basil Noodle

ImageA final dinner with Dad, we headed back to Chinatown after a long day of shopping. However, seeing that the most crowded restaurant was Penang, we decided Malaysian food was a good alternative for the all too generic and thus not so appetizing Chinese dishes.

The Salted Fish W. Chinese Broccoli was refreshing despite the super salty bits of fish. Actually, the fish was not overwhelming unless you ate a lot of it at once. It provided a more complex saltiness than just soy sauce or salt. The Chinese broccoli was very welcoming, another simple vegetable dish that you sometimes just need.Image

The Mango Shrimp was on the pricy side at $16.95. However, they were very generous with shredded mango. The shrimp were okay. They were quite tender but there could have been a few more, not that they were THAT stingy. The sauce could have used more of a spicy kick but it was a perfect balance of sweet and sour. I could taste a lot of ketchup in the sauce. The mango provided a nice juiciness texture to the dish.Image

The Thai Basil Noodle was quite good. The noodles could have been cooked a little less but it was by no means soggy and overdone. They were still chewy. The chicken was a little dry but the shrimp were nicely done. I did enjoy the Chinese broccoli in this dish as well. The basil was definitely there though not overwhelmingly powerful. It was quite greasy for me, though.

It was not surprising to find an almost identical menu with Banana Leaf. Judging by the quality, it was also not surprising to find it the busiest restaurant in the vicinity on Black Friday. After all, it showcases a very nice Asian cuisine. The service was very friendly and the atmosphere was slightly exotic and nice. 

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