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New Twists and Curls – Burger King

on December 16, 2012

ImageNovember 30, 2012
Burger King, Philadelphia PA
Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper Jr. 
Angry Whopper Jr. 
Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries
Gingerbread Cookie Shake
Gingerbread Cookie Sundae

I thought I should get an early dinner and since I was already in Center City and having only had a light salad for lunch, a visit to Burger King was in order. They have so many new, limited-time items so it was quite a nice stop before heading back to campus.Image

The Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper Jr. was not extraordinary. The beef patty was okay, decently juicy. The vegetables were quite generic – tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and onions – as was the sesame seed bun. The bacon was actually crispy and quite good. However, I found the white cheddar to be a little bland. It needed more of a kick. Image

The Angry Whopper Jr. was fabulous as far as fast food burgers go. Again, the bacon and beef patty were both great, one crispy and one juicy. The melted Habanero cheese was also decent enough. The vegetables and sesame seed bun were like any other burger. What made this burger so much better was the strong, fiery spicy kick from the jalapenos and the spicy angry sauce. The sauce was so bold, spicy, sweet, and savoury, like a BBQ sauce on fire. The fried spicy onion petals were also something I had never had and quite enjoyed their crunch.Image

The Seasoned Sweet Potato Curly Fries was just an upgrade from what they offered earlier this year (straight-cut sweet potato fries). They were well seasoned with maple seasoning, adding savoury to the sweet. Crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside, they were fun and tasty.Image

I asked for a sundae but they gave me the Gingerbread Cookie Shake instead. It was so sweet but nothing is ever too sweet for me. The gingerbread flavour was quite strong. Mixed with a rich, creamy ice cream base, it was too much, even for a small size. However, a few sips were great. Image

I did get my Gingerbread Cookie Sundae in the end. I loved the gingerbread syrup, which tasted quite like chocolate to me. The gingerbread flavour was there, though. THe vanilla soft serve was quite generic but the cookie crumble on top added a nice texture and ginger spice flavour to the dessert.Image

Burger King is now churning out new menu items faster than most fast food chains, certainly with some interesting options. Not all may be brilliant, but some are certainly unique enough. 


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