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Unflavoured Jap – The Bento Box

on December 16, 2012

November 29, 2012
The Bento Box, Philadelphia PA
Chicken Yakiudon
Tofu Teriyaki


Everyday as I go for a little workout at the gym, I watch as endless students wander over to the food trucks outside, where Kim’s Oriental Food is located. Deciding against popular Chinese food, I went with the another truck, the Japanese one – The Bento Box. It gets quite a lot of customers, though not as much as Kim’s and Yue Kee’s. 

The Chicken Yakiudon was a bit too greasy for me. The noodles could have been a little more al dente but they were by no means too soggy and mushy. The flavour was light, almost a little bland with only a touch of soy sauce flavour. The vegetables were still crunchy but the chicken was dry and a little tough. The side salad was very generic with a tangy dressing. The one pan-fried dumpling was nothing special either.Image

The Tofu Teriyaki definitely could have used more sauce to give it a stronger sweet flavour. I could barely taste much of the teriyaki. The tofu was not too soft inside and the outside was crispy at first but got a little soggy. The portion was not very big and there was more rice than other ingredients. 

I am not surprised that The Bento Box does not get as many customers. Kim’s beats it in value and quality, hands down. Japanese food might be preferred over Chinese food sometimes, but it has to taste strong enough.


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