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Absolutely Bagelicious – Absolute Bagels

on December 19, 2012

ImageDecember 1, 2012
Absolute Bagels, New York NY
Bacon & Eggs on Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Bagel Pudding

A very early start and being extremely sleep deprived called for an extra special breakfast to get the energy I needed for a whole day of dance competition. Luckily, Absolute Bagels was on the way to the venue and apparently, is a local favourite.Image

The Bacon & Eggs on Cinnamon Raisin Bagel was delicious. It was a great blend of sweet and savoury. The bacon was crisp and the egg omelet was soft and flavourful, not bland at all. Put all of this goodness on a toasted bagel with cinnamon and raisins and there you have it, a perfect breakfast sandwich.Image

They also make their own special Bagel Pudding, a twist on the good old bread pudding. It is very firm, dense, and quite sweet. Studded with juicy raisins, you can tell where pieces of pumpernickel bagel were. It was slightly greasy but overall a very tasty treat.

Absolute Bagels on Urbanspoon


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