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Sausage and Sweets – Starbucks

on December 19, 2012

12-12-02 - Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap(1) - StarbucksDecember 2, 2012

Starbucks, New York NY/Philadelphia PA
Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap
Banana Walnut Bread
Mallorca Sweet Bread
Raspberry Scone
Apple Pie
Cherry Pie
Apple Fritter
Grandma’s Turkey Sandwich

Instead of having bagels again the next morning, I opted for Starbucks. Not just in the morning either but rather throughout the day. Conveniently, one was located just across the street from the competition venue. Also, since it is New York, the quality of the café was quite decent. I also happen to pass by a Starbucks once I got back to Philly so I decided to get a quick dinner from there as well. All in all, it was just a Starbucks kind of day.

12-12-02 - Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap(2) - StarbucksI started my morning with the Chicken Sausage Breakfast Wrap. It was toasted and came out piping hot. The wheat tortilla was warming, surrounding melted, gooey cheese, chicken sausage, and eggs. The cheese and the sausage were both very flavourful. The sausage was especially nicely seasoned and tender. The eggs were great and everything came together for one delicious breakfast wrap.12-12-02 - Banana Walnut Bread - Starbucks

The Banana Walnut Bread was sweet and nutty. The banana flavour was that of a sweet and ripened fruit. The cake was moist yet dense and studded with crunchy nuts. The slightest tinge of bitterness was almost masked by the banana flavour but not quite.12-12-02 - Mallorca Sweet Bread - Starbucks

The Mallorca Sweet Bread was bite after bite of scrumptiousness. It was very doughy and chewy, moist and sticky at the same time. The powder sugar on top was not very sweet and kind of stuck to my mouth a bit. However, it was not the kind that you eat and end up covered in powder sugar. It was rich in a very non-buttery kind of way.

12-12-02 - Raspberry Scone - StarbucksThe Raspberry Scone was rather disappointing. The scone itself was not very sweet but rather buttery. The raspberries were not that plentiful and they were not extremely juicy either. They did have that raspberry bitterness but it was not masked nicely by the sugar on top. It was a little bland, a little too buttery, and a little too dry for me.

The Apple Pie was rightfully eaten. The previous day was National Red Apple Day and National Pie Day. The next day was National Apple Pie Day. No matter how you look at it, it was apples and pies. This mini pie packed in a ton of flavour. The sweet and tangy apple mixture with a touch of cinnamon worked well in the crumbly pie crust that was slightly buttery.12-12-02 - Apple PIe - Starbucks

The Cherry Pie was the other petite pie Starbucks offers. The cherry filling was rather artificial tasting, though, and not very sweet or strong of any flavour. Thus, the crust to filling ratio was a little high for me. The bright red seemed to suggest a strong cherry flavour but I got none of that. However, it was still a nice small bite in the evening.12-12-02 - Cherry Pie - Starbucks

I also got the Apple Fritter since it was National Fritters Day. What is with all these apple treats around the beginning of December of all times? The last one in the case, it was left out too long. The apple and cinnamon flavours were there and the sugar glaze was good and sweet. The doughnut itself was dry, though. I did like the few mini slices of apple I got and wished there were more of those embedded throughout.

Finally, for dinner, I had Grandma’s Turkey Sandwich. It was a rather good sandwich. The wheat bread was hearty and fresh. The turkey breast was slightly dry and bland but the well-seasoned stuffing made up for it, as did the sweet and tasty cranberry sauce, with juicy cranberries clearly distinguishable inside. I did not touch the mayonnaise as the cranberry sauce and stuffing gave the sandwich enough flavour already.
12-12-02 - Apple Fritter - Starbucks

Quality food? Check… at least when it is not left out on display for too long. Starbucks seems to have a way of providing fresh offers despite the cafes not having capabilities to freshly bake the goodies on the premises. Taking this into consideration, they clearly offer some of the best café goodies at comparable prices.
12-12-02 - Grandma's Turkey Sandwich - Starbucks

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