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Extremely Orient – Kim’s Oriental Food

on December 25, 2012

December 5, 2012
Kim’s Oriental Food, Philadelphia PA
General Tso’s Chicken
Oriental Beef

ImageKim’s Oriental Food never disappoints in the chicken and sauce department. Their General Tso’s Chicken was bang on. The sauce was light, sweet, tangy, and had a little spice. The chicken was nicely battered and fried, with the crispy exterior soaking up the yummy goodness of the sauce. The vegetables were also coated in this sweet, sour, and spicy mixture that I love.

ImageThe Oriental Beef did not disappoint either. The beef belly had a nice mix of fatty and lean meat. The fatty parts included some tendon, which were very chewy and lovely. The lean parts were a little hard to chew through. It had clearly been braised in stew with carrots for a long time. The carrot chunks were soft and flavourful as well. The fresh vegetables of carrots, cabbage, and Napa cabbage added a nice contrast to the very rich beef, which after a while got too rich and overwhelming. It was perhaps a tad too sweet. However, the portion was extremely generous and well worth the $5.25.


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