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Greeks are Sweet – Greek Lady

on December 30, 2012

ImageDecember 9, 2012
Greek Lady, Philadelphia PA
Salted Caramel Cake
Lamb Gyro

After grocery shopping and seeing I still had a coupon left for a free dessert from Greek Lady, I decided to drop by before a review session. It was not super crowded and for once, I did not wait forever for my food.

The Salted Caramel Cake was a new item and a very delicious one. With layers of white cake, caramel pudding, and some other caramel layers, it was a tasty dessert. I ate a bite of this first while waiting for my other food to arrive. The vanilla cream on the outside was a bit too oily and not sweet enough for me, but the caramel sauce drizzled on the side and the dollop of caramel frosting on top made up for it. It was sweet but light.Image

The Lamb Gyro was delicious. There was perhaps too much tzatziki sauce that almost drowned the shredded lettuce. However, the pita was warm, soft, and chewy. The lamb was tender and very tasty. There was so much of it. The French fries inside were a little soggy and did not add much flavour-wise. However, the portion was huge and very filling, definitely one of the best gyros I have had so far.Image

The Spanikopita was fitting for National Pastry Day. It was very good with the phyllo dough warm, in super thin layers, and flaky. It was buttery and very good for a flaky pastry dough. The spinach and feta cheese inside was incredible. The spinach was soft and mushy with the feta cheese mixed reasonably well inside. Slightly savoury and cheesy, it was also a little sweet, which was a nice touch.Image

Food from Greek Lady has yet to disappoint. I seriously need to try one of their gigantic salads next time though. They look so appetizing yet refreshing.

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