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On the Need for Paninis: Part XI – Green Line Cafe

on December 30, 2012

ImageDecember 11, 2012
Green Line Cafe, Philadelphia PA
Chocolate Croissant
Mozzarella Caprese

A little coffee date with a good girl friend brought me to Green Line Café. This time, we actually went in and I had a quick meal while she indulged in a cup of rich and apparently very good hot chocolate.Image

We shared a Chocolate Croissant that was flaky and buttery. It would have been so nice had it been toasted beforehand as well. The chocolate was lacking, though. Cold and a little hard, there was not much of it to begin with and it was not very rich and sweet either.Image

I had a Mozzarella Caprese that was very tasty after being pressed in the panini press. The baguette was crispy on the outside and warm and airy on the inside, making for a lovely sandwich. The mozzarella was fresh, light, and chewy while the tomatoes were refreshing. The basil leaves were slightly strong. However, the basil pesto provided great flavour and the sandwich was very satisfying.

The café was such a quaint little place for a chat. We needed to catch up with one another and a full but still quiet café was the perfect location for it. They ran out of cupcakes so I am sure I will be back for one of those, and a cup of soup and a burrito sooner rather than later.

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