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Shroom Away! – Metropolitan Bakery

on January 8, 2013

December 16, 2012
Metropolitan Bakery, Philadelphia PA
The Egg & Shroom

ImageSeeing the specials menu the day before, I could not resist revisiting Metropolitan Bakery and get myself a sandwich for breakfast. They were also offering a variety of cakes and I decided to get a slice of those as well.Image

My piece of Gingerbread was the last one but a very tasty one at that. It was a little dry but certainly dense enough. The ginger flavour was quite strong but not overwhelming as it was also quite sweet. The sugar and spice blended well together but for over $3, it was a little much.Image

I thought The Egg & Shroom breakfast sandwich was delicious though! I got mine on toasted wheat bread. It was toasted to perfection with that slight crunch of the slightly sweetened and fragrant bread. The egg omelet was thick and fluffy, with the horseradish mayo giving the sandwich a very strong kick of flavour. The aftertaste of the horseradish was quite overwhelming but for my first time trying it, I rather enjoyed the fiery taste. The grilled Portobello mushroom was the best part. Chewy, slippery, and just slightly gummy, it had a strong fungi taste, which I loved. The combination was just lovely for a breakfast sandwich.

The café was crowded and full of people chatting on working on laptops. This is also another bakery and café I can truly appreciate. Their sandwich options are extensive and while rather expensive, they offer quality meals.

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