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Just Jammin’ – Jamba Juice

on January 11, 2013

ImageDecember 19, 2012
Jamba Juice, Philadelphia PA
Southwestern Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Wrap
Berry Agave Bar

I started the morning at the Philadelphia International Airport. After a sleepy trip there, I was finally awake and ready to eat by the time I got past security. Once I located my boarding gate, I found myself mulling over the breakfast menu at Jamba Juice. We do not have one of those on campus and it was a little early for smoothies but various breakfast food options looked appetizing.Image

I chose a Southwestern Chicken Chorizo Breakfast Wrap that had chicken chorizo pieces, eggs, cheese, and some diced vegetables in a soft tortilla wrap. It was freshly toasted and not only tasted great but smelled so good the girl working there even said it smelled delicious. The chorizo was savory, as was the gooey cheese. They went well with the eggs and vegetables. My only gripe is that it was too small and did not fill me up. The blend of flavors was quite wonderful though.Image

For something sweet, I got the Berry Agave Bar. Only after I was eating it did I realize it was just a berry bar or square that was probably sweetened with agave nectar and thus healthier. I think I was looking for more of an interesting flavour. The bar had a decent crumb topping with berries in the middle. From what I could taste, there were at least cranberries and blueberries. It was very dense but not very sweet. The berries made it quite sour for a bar actually. Good old sugar has its benefits after all.

I love seeing different varieties in breakfast menus instead of just the regular, boring bacon or sausage with eggs and cheese on either English muffins, bagels, or other generic bread-like items. And despite the bar being just regular berries, at least it was sweetened with agave.


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