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Mmm Mushrooms – George’s Food Truck

on January 11, 2013

December 18, 2012
George’s Food Truck, Philadelphia PA
Bacon and Egg White Cheese
Mushroom Cheese Steak


With the semester coming to an end, many food trucks were no longer on campus. Thus, when I decided I wanted a cheap, fast, and toasty warm cheesesteak, I had only one option: George’s Food Truck. It is quite a popular one and close by. I watch them almost everyday from inside the gym and while they may not be as popular as The Bento Box or Kim’s Oriental Food, they get quite a handful of customers around every mealtime.

I was in the mood for breakfast in the late afternoon so I settled for a Bacon and Egg White Cheese. It came on a long roll for only $3.50. The egg whites were light and the cheese was a savoury cheese sauce that tasted like American cheese to me. The bacon was nice and crispy. While I find the fillings to be a little less than ideal, the flavours were there. The roll was fresh with a slightly hardened exterior and an airy, chewy inside.Image

My cheesesteak craving was satisfied with a Mushroom Cheese Steak. The beef was juicy and tender but I would have liked to see a bit more of it. For $4 though, it was a deal. The cheese sauce was the same white one as in the breakfast rolls. It came with grilled mushrooms and onions that brought each of their own aroma to the cheesesteak. I liked both additions.

The man working the food truck was very friendly. I am not sure if he is actually George but with friendly service, decent food, and great prices, I would come back when I am looking for cheesesteaks and other popular subs and sandwiches.


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