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Seeking Out Our Staple – Starbucks

on January 11, 2013

ImageDecember 19, 2012
Starbucks, Minneapolis MN
Double Chocolate Muffin
Iced Chocolate Chip Scone
Southwest Chipotle Grilled Chicken
Oatmeal Raisin Cran Cookie
Iced Cranberry Orange Scone

Still hungry by the time I got to Minneapolis, I went to check out Starbucks. Their special locations – especially airports – have a different food menu and so are always interesting.

First was the Double Chocolate Muffin. There were a decent amount of chocolate chunks in this muffin but overall, I found it to be bland. It was not sweet enough and the chocolate flavour could have been a lot more prominent. The muffin had good texture, at least; the inside was dense, moist, and soft.Image

The Iced Chocolate Chip Scone was also just okay to me. The chocolate chips and chocolate icing drizzle were nice but the scone base was just buttery. It was very fresh, to be sure, and had a good crumbly texture. However, I do not think a little more sugar and a little less butter would hurt.Image

I wanted my Southwest Chipotle Grilled Chicken sandwich toasted but the barista informed me they do not toast any sandwiches at this location. Still, I got it, as I needed lunch. For over $8 after tax, it was comparable to all the other options at the airport. The grilled chicken breast was a little dry and flavorless in the middle. However, the chipotle pesto gave the sandwich a decent flavour, slightly spiced. The romaine was actually a nice addition to the sandwich. The French baguette should have been good but because it was refrigerated, it was cold and crumbly instead of chewy and soft.Image

The Oatmeal Raisin Cran Cookie was my favourite item this time around. The raisins were juicy and sweet while the cranberries were tart. The oatmeal cookie itself was so soft and chewy it was extremely delicious. The texture and taste were both everything you can expect from a cookie that is not fresh out of the oven.Image

Finally, the Iced Cranberry Orange Scone was better than the chocolate chip one. Even though it had the same crumbly, buttery base, the orange drizzle and cranberries scattered throughout provided a tartness to cut through the rich, buttery base. That gave it more layers to the flavour.

Starbucks is literally a North American staple, found in every city, around every downtown corner, and you can be sure to see a few at every airport. So, Starbucks lovers, have no fear for you will always get what you crave the most!


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