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Around Munchin’ Moose – Caribou Coffee

on January 13, 2013

December 19, 2012
Caribou Coffee, Minneapolis MN
Monkey Bread
Spinach, Egg & Swiss Mini
Egg White & Turkey Bacon Daybreaker


I suddenly had this craving for breakfast sandwiches and wraps. Rather, I needed eggs and cheese assembled with some sort of chewy carbs. That small wrap from Jamba Juice that was gone in three bites was just not enough. At MSP, seeing a variety of sandwiches at Caribou Coffee as well as tasty treats convinced me to give it a try.

The Monkey Bread was toasted and absolutely scrumptious. It was two bites of melted cinnamon sugar drizzle and chewy, warm, and soft bread. It was just like a very cute and soft mini cinnamon roll. I just could not get over the moist and airy bread. The texture was wonderful.Image

I did not expect the Spinach, Egg & Swiss Mini to be quite so mini. It was extremely tiny, about the size of one of those mini brownies you get in bags from grocery stores. One bite and it disappeared. I did not even know they made such small ciabatta buns! The spinach was good but not extremely flavourful. Rather, it was more aromatic. The Swiss cheese provided the flavour and the tiny egg omelet was fluffy. The ciabatta was also nicely toasted.Image

The Egg White & Turkey Bacon Daybreaker, despite being a full sized sandwich, was not very big either. It also disappeared in about three bites. What I liked was the egg white omelet, so light and fluffy. The turkey bacon was crisp and the wheat brioche was warm and soft. It could have used more of a bolder flavour than just what the Swiss cheese provided and I would have preferred a larger sandwich.

A quaint little coffee place, it is scattered throughout MSP. I do think they need to re-price their items in order to compete with Starbucks, or at least give bigger portions.


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