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Home (Food) Sweet (& Spicy) Home (Food) – Koryo

on January 13, 2013

ImageDecember 21, 2012
Koryo, Richmond BC
Koryo Steak
Seafood Udon

Finally back in Richmond, one of my first stops with Mom was unquestionably Richmond Centre. They now have finished the work on the new food court, called the Dining Terrace. It is a very modern looking, spacious, light, and casual space on the second level where the food court was. With a couple of new concepts and some of the old, Mom and I decided to stick with some comfort food in the form of Korean BBQ from Koryo.

Their special was the Koryo Steak. For under $10 after tax, we got a medium rare steak served with three sides since we asked for no rice. The steak was cooked great, a little on the medium side, but with a wonderful barbeque marinade flavour. The sauce slathered on top also added to the great flavour. It was one of the best steaks you can ask for from a food court. The sides we got were Garlic Potato, Kimchee, and Green Beans. The kimchee and green beans were quite generic and refreshing. The fried potatoes were so crispy on the outside and had a lovely sweet flavour.Image

The Seafood Udon was a disappointment. It was very expensive for just a bowl of noodles. The broth was light and good but there were just endless noodles with some broccoli, green beans, and bean sprouts. There was one measly slice of fish cake, one shrimp, and a few pieces of calamari. Clearly, more seafood was needed to justify the price.

All the prices in Richmond Centre seemed to me on the high side and Koryo was certainly no exception. Definitely go for the daily specials or you will be dishing out a lot from your wallet.

Koryo Korean Barbeque (Richmond Centre) on Urbanspoon


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